Residential Construction Loan | Information

residential construction loan info

What You Need to Know About Construction Loans The Residential Construction Loan When you contract to build a new house, there are two ways the builder can finance the¬†construction loan. First, the builder can borrow the money from the bank, build the house and you will close on the house upon completion. Your loan would …

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Selecting Your Builder for Your New Home

Selecting Your Builder Your New Home

Once you decide to build your own house using a licensed builder, your next step is to select the right builder for you. You will want to start by looking at several builders and some homes that they have built. Steps in selecting the builder for your new house. Look for builders in the Sunday …

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Construction Loan Draw Schedule | Sample Form

construction loan draw schedule sample form

Construction Loan Draw Schedule It is always a good idea to get a construction loan from a construction loan lender that will disburse the funds to the builder. This assigns the responsibility for the disbursement of funds to the lender. Construction loan lenders have strong requirements for the disbursement of funds that will protect you …

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Mortgage Loan Assumption Agreement Form (Sample)

mortgage loan assumption agreement form sample

Mortgage Loan Assumption Agreement A mortgage Loan Assumption agreement is commonly used for allowing a third party to assume the obligations of a mortgage loan. The loan assumption agreement frees the original borrower from the note and mortgage. The lender must approve any assumption agreement and will usually take steps to underwrite the assuming parties …

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