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Construction Loan Draw Schedule | Sample Form

Construction Loan Draw Schedule

It is always a good idea to get a construction loan from a construction loan lender that will disburse the funds to the builder. This assigns the responsibility for the disbursement of funds to the lender. Construction loan lenders have strong requirements for the disbursement of funds that will protect you as the homeowner. The lender assumes fiduciary responsibility for correct administration of the construction fund.

A construction loan should be used even if you ultimately will pay cash for the house. You do not want to get into the business of personally making periodic payments to your builder. It will only end in litigation and be costly to you. At completion of construction and final disbursement from the lender, you can pay off the construction loan.

At the construction loan closing, a construction loan fund will be set up by the lender. In this example 10% of the construction loan fund was disbursed to the builder using the sample construction draw schedule below. This disbursement at closing is paid to cover builder expenses for permitting, architects and other up front costs. Make sure you agree to this amount. If you have given the builder a large down payment, there should not be a disbursement to the builder until the first draw.

Don’t let the builder get too much money up front! You could end up with too little money in the construction loan at the end. That is why you should religiously adhere to the construction draw schedule. The biggest risk in a construction loan is that there is not enough money in the construction fund to complete the construction of the house. Builders want as much money as they can get up front and may not spend all of it on your house.

Residential Construction Draw Schedule Form downloadable form

 Construction Draw Schedule

Items Completed and % of disbursement from construction loan fund

1. Clear Lot-Rough Grade 1%

2. Footing 2%

3. Rough. Plumbing 4%

4. Fnd-Frame FL/Slab 5%

5. O.S.Studs-Shtg/C.B.-Lintel 11%

6. I.S. Studs 2%

7. Roof Framing 6%

8. Roof Sheeting-Felt 3%

9. 2nd Rough Plumbing (Tub 2%

10. Rough Electric 4%

11. Duct Work 4%

12. O.S. Wind & Door Frames 1%

13. Windows 2%

14. Ext. Trim 1%

15. O.S. Doors (inc. SGD�s) 1%

16. Finish Roof 2%

17. Sliding/Veneer/Stucco 5%

18. Wall Insulation 1%

19. D.W../Plaster-Rough. 3%

20. D.W./Plaster-Fin. 3%

21. Fire Pl. None-Pay after #20 2%

22. Bath Tile 2%

23. Furnace-A.H. 1%

24. I.S. Trim Panel-Doors 4%

25. Cabinets/Vanities 4%

26. Int. Ext. Prime 1%

27. Painting Complete 2%

28. Plumbing. Fixtures & Trim 2%

29. Elec. Fixtures & Trim 2%

30. Ceiling Insulation 2%

31. Fin. Flooring or covering 4%

32. Ext Conc-Dr/walks/stoops 1%

33. Appliances 2%

34. Fin. Grade, Grass, L.S. 2%

35. A.C. Trim-Condenser 2%

36. Misc-Disburse 1% @ 50% 4%

37. 1% @ 75%, 2% Clean Up

38. % Complete 10%

39. Pool-Concrete %

40. Pool-Completed %

TOTAL 100%